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    Smart BLE MESH colorful lights

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      On the market, most of the traditional intelligent lights needs a smart remote control, to control the lights, control distance is limited, not flexible. Our low-power Bluetooth intelligent lamp, using the latest Ultra Low Power Bluetooth technology, the most advanced MESH network technology, no need the additional remote control equipment , only need to install an App in your smart phone, then you can control the lights, more convenient and flexible.
    Key Feature:

      1.LED lamp directly connected to the 220V voltage, no need conversion equipment
      2.no additional remote control equipment, the product is more concise
      3.automatic networking, more flexible and convenient, wider control range
      4.the lights can be intelligent grouped, a key to create the required lighting atmosphere
      5.support for Android 4.3 and IOS6.0 above;
      Smart home, hotels, yachts and other places where lighting needs



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