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    wireless voice remote control solution

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      With the development of smart TV, traditional remote control is unable to meet the needs of users, the voice remote control is gradually becoming the necessity. Use our intelligent voice remote control solution, through voice control smart TV and other devices, allowing users to more quickly and effectively select their favorite programs.
    Key Feature:
      1.using Nordic semiconductor company's ultra-low power Bluetooth chip, more stable and reliable performance, lower power consumption;
      2.provide a full set of solutions, with touch, 3 axis, 6 axis sensors, voice remote control, keyboard modules, just a little cut, you can achieve the remote control products you need;
      3.voice acquisition rate: 64kbps/s; air transmission rate: 16kbps/s; ADPCM speech compression ratio: 4/1
      Remote controller for intelligent television, set-top box, TV box and other equipment


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