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    anti-lost device solution

    Release time:2016-10-22 15:50  Click:

      Make the anti-lost device connect with smart phone, set the alarm distance, place it in our children or pets, when which leave over a certain distance from the smart phone, smart phone will launch alarm to remind the loss. It can also be used as a intelligent shutter to control smart phone’s camera.
    Key Feature:
      1.a full set of solutions, we provide mobile app, anti-lost device hardware and software;
      2.using Nordic semiconductor company's ultra-low power Bluetooth chip, more stable and reliable performance, lower power consumption;
      3.powerful, in addition to anti lost, looking for features, but also with remote shutter, lost map display and other functions;
      4.support for Android 4.4 and IOS6.0 above;
      Any situation for Anti lost and look for, such as pet care , key 


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