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FAE Field Application Engineer / Technical Support Shenzhen 2 2016-10-31

Job Responsibilities:

1, with sales staff, to provide Nordic chip selection, program technology, product demonstrations;

2, with customers for technical exchanges, understanding and analysis of customer needs, tap the market opportunities;

3, to provide technical support to help customers solve the technical problems in the process;

4, responsible for sales, technology, research and development coordination between the various departments, to provide solutions to follow up the progress of the project;

5, tap the market and customer needs and new product information back to the market and design departments;

6, to collect, master the mainstream competitor product-related performance, advantages and disadvantages, etc., and the formation of analysis reports.

7, with the product manager with regular technical fields and the original exchange and research, to participate in industry and related fields to promote products and applications.


1, Bachelor degree, three years and above on the development or FAE field application experience for more than five years, a chip and program support experience is preferred;

2, with a solid C language, analog circuits, digital circuits, circuit analysis and other infrastructure;

3, familiar with ARM hardware and software design;

4, with strong communication skills and ability to present programs, like to communicate with customers;

5, with a strong analysis of problems and problem-solving ability.

6, better sales of writing skills (development and design documents, analysis reports, PPT, etc.)

7, with a strong resource coordination and customer service awareness, work proactive, meticulous, with a high degree of sense of responsibility;

8, good at learning, teamwork with the spirit of the company is willing to long-term development.

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