Application Notes
nRF51 Series
Name DescriptionSizeUpdateTimesTimes
xNA_nRF51 DK开发指导手册v2.11.pdfIntroduction to the construction of the development environment and guidance2.08 MB2016-10-1320 Times20
RTT使用笔记debug method using RTT133.27 KB2016-11-303 Times3
IOS端连接之后断开连接的原因查询_原因0x2Athe solution for disconnect reason 0x2A218.84 KB2016-11-301 Times1
添加服务或者特性报错原因NRF_ERROR_NO_MEM及解决方法the solution for NRF_ERROR_NO_MEM when you add services and characteristics42.99 KB2016-11-300 Times0
基于SDK9.0 proximity例程的循环bondingthe realization of the loop binding218.86 KB2016-11-301 Times1
nRF51822 RF性能测试操作手册更新the Introduction of RF test method84.43 KB2016-11-305 Times5
51822 Radio中断收、发参考方法51822 Radio TX /RX interrupt configuration70.50 KB2016-11-305 Times5
生产测试的方法v1.1the realization of production test625.83 KB2016-11-305 Times5
nRF52 Series
Name DescriptionSizeUpdateTimesTimes
52832看门狗的使用the solution for the WDT does not work51.60 KB2016-11-306 Times6
52832使用浮点运算后功耗异常the solution for high power consumption of FPU58.29 KB2016-11-303 Times3
52832将pin_reset引脚改为普通引脚使用using the pin_reset as an ordinary pin42.10 KB2016-11-304 Times4
52832pstorage_raw模块的使用the use of pstorage_raw119.98 KB2016-11-303 Times3
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